Come Meet the Thought Leaders at ITEXPO Part 2

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Come Meet the Thought Leaders at ITEXPO Part 2

Last week I posted some links to interviews which I did with various thought leaders who will be participating at ITEXPO next week in Miami.  Since the last post I had a chance to conduct a few more which are worth sharing.

I find interviews are a useful way to get a feel for the people I will run into at events. In addition, by reading through them you get a sense for where people think things are going in the market. Those who follow closely will spot trends which they may be able to use to launch a new business or product.

Or you may just be able to determine something simple like SIP trunking is a logical service for your SMB to consider - or perhaps you may learn you need a security device such as an SBC for your wireless service provider business as you migrate to IP.

Whatever you learn from these links I hope it is useful and I look forward to discussing the state of the industry with you next week in Miami at ITEXPO.


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