Deciphering xG Technology

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Deciphering xG Technology

We write thousands of stories each month at TMCnet and occasionally among all of this content we get a response to an article which is threatening or involves profanity towards us or one of our writers. Having said that, I happened to forward news about xG Technology to my editorial team a while back and I mentioned to them to be sure to research it carefully as the company is very controversial.

Why are they controversial? Well because they seem to make claim after claim regarding wireless technology which is claimed to be 25 times cheaper than comparable WiMAX equipment at 1,000 times the efficiency - yet it isn't widely deployed. These are not new claims by the way, they are years old.

On the face of it these stats are similar to saying you have created a fusion reactor in a paper cup - and if this is a real technology why is it not being sent to editors worldwide so we can see it for ourselves?

In order to determine the real story, Senior TMC Web Editor Patrick Barnard wrote an article which was well-researched on xG technology and in response he and I both received an email referring to him in a profane manner and the email concluded with a request to have me fire him.

The writer of this email didn't submit any facts which we should be aware of, they just decided to lash out at Patrick for writing a great and balanced article which seemed to conflict with his point of view.

Here is the big mistake made by the e-mailer. TMC has a 37-year long commitment with our readers to provide the best content we can. This means we don't fire editors who write stories which shine light on potentially problem companies. Instead we congratulate them and use them as role models. Our readers look to us to provide unbiased information and TMC is one of the oldest and most well-established global media brands because we do our best to do so.

I invite you to read this article from Pat and let us know what you think. I for one think it is quality work and wish more stories I read had the depth of reporting and linking of this piece.

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