Nokia to Sell Laptops

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Nokia to Sell Laptops


Nokia CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo said that the company was considering entering the laptop market and this makes a great deal of sense when you realize the beating the company is taking from RIM and Apple. Nokia makes fantastic devices. The N800 is years old and still one of the most memorable consumer electronic devices that it seems almost no one knows about.

Getting into laptops is a smart move and the reason is not immediately obvious. In the US, Nokia is widely thought of by carriers as arrogant and inflexible, choosing not to tailor their devices to the needs of operators. As a result, Nokia does not do well in the US and this probably hurts them around the world.

In the laptop market this approach to business may be less costly as consumers and businesses purchase these devices without the need for carriers to intervene. But I am wondering if Nokia can escape its destiny. What I mean is by the time they get solid laptops and netbooks on the market, it will be expected that these devices will have built-in 3G and 4G connections meaning Nokia once again will likely have to deal with the carriers who may be selling more of these devices in their retail stores than we think.

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