Witness the 4G Wireless Evolution

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Witness the 4G Wireless Evolution

One of the most exciting parts of my job is to explore new technologies with my readers and attendees at live events. By now you probably know TMC produces the 4GWE conference in partnership with Crossfire Media -- a company where Carl Ford is an integral part of building a number of communications communities. If you aren't aware of Carl, he is a thought-leader in the telecom space having spent years developing leading edge content as part of the VON events of years past.

The first 4GWE event we produced drew hundreds of attendees from around the globe and was extremely successful. We have collaborated and improved th conference quite a bit and in addition we have added a number of great new media partners and sponsors. Thanks to all of you for your support and I am looking forward to greeting the wireless industry at this show... It will certainly be very exciting considering the growth potential 4G wireless solutions have.

After all -- how many industries continue to grow despite the state of the economy?

Here are some more details about the event and how you can save by registering early:



It seems the mobile consumer can not get enough of their share of mobile applications. Downloads to mobile app stores are growing at a tremendous rate. Apple's App store hit one billion downloads back in April and it is growing exponentially.  The iPhone store, Android store and similar initiatives from Nokia and RIM suggest power is shifting away from the operators and into the hands of application developers and the end user.

Get to 4GWE and learn how operators can leverage their core capabilities including; QoS,  security, billing, and customer relationships,  to provide applications and remain relevant to their customers.Understand the role of the applications developer community and how carriers can do a better job of engaging the developer community.

Get educated on these critical issues....check out these related 4GWE Sessions:

• Brough Turner, a well respect industry visionary and Chief Strategy Officer at Dialogic Corporation will deliver a session titled "Mobile Broadband- New Applications and New Business Models" 

• Alan Quayle, Founder of Alan Quayle Business and Service Development Consulting Firm, will moderate a panel discussion titled " The Ecosystem of Application Developers". View the session description and the line up of participants here.

To view the entire 4GWE Conference program visit here.

Unlike other wireless events, 4GWE will give attendees access to the industry thought leaders that are driving and implementing 4G wireless strategies. Attendees will gain knowledge, and a better understanding on how their companies can profit from the evolution to 4G services. Now is the time to register for this program. Early Bird pricing is in effect until July 17th and will provide for savings of up to $300 off single person passes and up to $1,000 off of group registrations.

Kind Regards,
Carl Ford
Partner and Community Developer
Crossfire Media

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Don't miss out on gaining a better of understanding of these critical issues. Register NOW for 4GWE while early bird pricing is still in effect. Gather together 5 colleagues and attend this conference for under $1,000 each. Register today.

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