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iPad Neck Update


Remember when I wrote about my painful iPad neck? Well one of the commenters, P.J. Tanzillo mentioned that his neck began to hurt and kept him from turning left - causing his friends to call him Zoolander. This reference is to a movie character played by Ben Stiller and I think the movie is pretty funny.

But to a more serious matter, the pain in my neck has been getting progressively worse this week causing me to be in excruciating pain last night when I tried to sleep. I woke up constantly - really, every time I turned my head.

Ironically the pain caused me to not be able to turn my head to the left either. :)

Today I went to the chiropractor and she helped me a great deal. She said the extent of the tightness in my neck probably meant that I had a problem for some time and the iPad aggravated it. This is good news for Apple. She told me she saw a woman yesterday because of pain from the iPad as well. In her case though the weight of the unit contributed to her discomfort. When you consider how long the battery of the iPad lasts you can't call it heavy but it certainly has more heft than a small paperback.

Another Doctor in the practice was fascinated by the iPad I brought into the office and mentioned that it is going to be great for business. I plan to go back to the doctor on Friday by the way and I hope I am much better by next week.

The bottom line with this device is try not to strain your neck when using it. I try to hold the device up in the air and am more conscious than ever when I strain my neck on this tablet or my PC or laptop.

I have been going to the practice of Dr. Deb Hammer and her father for 15 years whenever I have a problem with my back/neck and have always had good results.

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Feedback for iPad Neck Update


I'm a big fan of not hurting myself while using technology. If it hurts, I put it down, or change my position. Whether its my eyes, my wrist or my neck, there is no reason to hurt myself for the sake of my iPad experience.

I think repetitive stress injury from typing on the thing is very likely, as its a strain to type in most positions. Hence, I don't use it for typing. "Fortunately" I have an office job and don't need to type on it all that much.

Good luck with your neck, and I hope it feels better very soon.

On one hand, it's too bad to hear the problem got worse... I too had recurring neck issues that the iPad may have just exacerbated. On the other hand, it's nice to know that I'm not alone in my affliction. Hope you're feeling better.

Remember, the files are IN the computer!

I've never suffered from neck strain. I've had my iPad for a week and tried to use it as my only computer at home where I usually read the news every evening. Now my neck hurts. The iPad is just too heavy, unfortunately.

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