iPhone: Stand in Line, There is no Choice

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iPhone: Stand in Line, There is no Choice


What is it about the iPhone that makes it so special that people will stand in line for it for hours on end? I think I may know. I have been trying to get one of these things for about a week and I have driven over 30 minutes looking for AT&T stores that carry this gadget. For the record, this faster iPhone is being purchased for TMC Labs and as president of TMC I thought a perk would be to buy the device. Some perk.

So I have been the token person who has gone to the AT&T store, learned that the device is sold out. I have subsequently called the AT&T store to hear it is sold out. I have looked for an AT&T Wireless store in Westport, CT only to find there are none located there.

All of this driving, calling and visiting makes me do one thing... Hate Apple and AT&T. Why on earth can I not buy this thing online? Whose idea is this? Steve Jobs? Mr. Jobs -- this doesn't work for me. Why on earth do I want to travel to your stores to buy this product -- so you can have shots of people in line? Will I really buy an iMac because of this strategy? Perhaps -- but only if the damn device I need is in stock when I come into the store.

What is even worse is that the company does not offer an email service telling me where this thing will be and when. Sure I know I can log in after 9:00 PM and be told which Apple stores have these things in stock but what about the AT&T stores?

I don't consider this new device a product launch -- it is more of a fiasco if you ask me. How on earth in this day an age can you not allow your product to be sold on the web?

I would love an answer but I am sure I will have to keep calling to see when one will be available.

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