ITEXPO West 2008: Introduced by IP Man

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ITEXPO West 2008: Introduced by IP Man

IP Man Fight Evil IP Communications Villains
ip-man.jpgHaving been speaking at conferences and other events for decades I can tell you that yesterday was a first for me. Why? Well, I was introduced by a cartoon character and even turned into a cartoon character. Many people mentioned how closely the cartoon character resembled me. Of course I was not sure how to take this and am still not. :) Anyway -- thanks to Broadvox for lending the IP Communications superhero IP Man to ITEXPO to introduce me on stage -- and of course allowing him to save me from being kidnapped.

Also -- and I am not kidding here -- I have to post the video soon so you can see it yourself -- I hope IP Man is around to keep the evil villains Noise and Jitter at bay. He foiled their first kidnap attempt and I am sure they will return.

See Greg Galitzine's take.

Here is the IP Man home page for more.

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