Comcast Caps Usage

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Comcast Caps Usage

I have mixed emotions about the Comcast cap of 250 GB/month of bandwidth. On the one hand, it is good the company is telling users what is acceptable and what is not. At least we now have a number and not an arbitrary amount the service provider gods don't share with us. Furthermore, it is good the company will communicate with customers about how much bandwidth is being used if users do actually go over.

Although I am not happy that ISPs limit bandwidth use that is the consumer in me talking. The business person of course understands the need to limit the potential for some users to hog all the bandwidth. Having said that, I believe ISPs who limit bandwidth should be required to provide a portal to users so they can see at least on a daily basis how much bandwidth they have used as well as a computer estimate of whether they are on track to exceed their alloted bandwidth.

This should apply to all service providers -- wireless or wired.

In fact the FCC should request/require service providers who cap bandwidth provide such a portal with the option of e-mail alerts at preset threshholds like 25, 50, 75% etc.

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