Aspect Buys BlueNote Networks

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Aspect Buys BlueNote Networks

Why would Aspect, a company which is the largest pure-play contact center equipment and software player in the world buy BlueNote Networks? I am glad you asked. I had met with Aspect execs about this deal a month or so ago under embargo and have had a good amount of time to mull the reasons over.

In my opinion the need for this acquisition is due to a continuing convergence of industries. We have seen this firsthand... First voice and data and even IP and contact centers collided. The next step is to bring it all together under a single unified interface.

SIP, XML, SOA, contact centers, UC, IP, CEBP, it is all converging into one elegant solution which will make companies more effective, productive and efficient. Contact centers continue to be a crucial part of corporate infrastructure and typically account for the majority of live customer interaction a company has with customers.

By tying in advanced telecom and datacom technologies, Aspect has found a way to increase its value in the enterprise.

I was thinking that this acquisition reminded me a great deal of the NEC acquisition of Sphere Communications since Sphere was purchased for their SOA technology and coincidentally, Greg Galitzine beat me (this guy needs a raise ;) ) to making this comparison. Aspect has not necessarily been the most innovative company in the contact center space (from an organic perspective) but they know how to do something better than just about everyone else... Make acquisitions which are generally successful and then continue to innovate through acquired talent/intellectual property (the other IP)..

I see Aspect doing many of the things Oracle and Cisco are doing to be successful.

Oracle can buy company after company and never be effectively branded a monopoly because SAP and Microsoft are huge competitors. In a similar fashion Aspect is not in jeopardy of being called a monopoly while Avaya, Cisco and Nortel are around. As a pure-play call center solutions company, they are in a great position in the market as they employ many top people who have been with the company for decades, keep great customer and media relations and are generaly well-regarded.

This acquisition is not a major game-changer but it does allow excellent technology from Bluenote Networks to get into more enterprise customers and by doing so, combines mobility and CEBP with state of the art call center solutions. Expect Aspect to be able to more easily embed its solutions into enterprise applications and systems like never before and expect customers to be happier than ever.

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