HTC Phones

It is times like this I get jealous of the smartphones the Europeans get. HTC makes a pretty good device in the 6700 and these devices are likely better as they are newer and have better processors and in some cases form factors.
The new smartphones—HTC Shift (available November), HTC S730 (available this month) and HTC P6500 (available November)—are aimed at the business user, featuring mobile computing features such as souped-up mobile messaging. HTC also announced a line of headsets intended for use with the new smartphones.
HTC described its Shift smartphone as a device that combines “the power of Windows Vista with always-connected 3G/HSDPA connectivity.” It features HTC’s new SnapVUE technology, which provides users with access to calendar, e-mail, SMS messaging and contacts without needing to boot up—thus extending battery life. The Shift weighs 800 grams (about 1.8 lbs.) and has a 7-inch, touch-sensitive screen.
Dear, HTC – I would love to review some of these. Just send them my way when you read this.
TMCnet’s Mae Kowalke has the scoop on all three new European smartphones.

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