Of Apple And Oranges

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Of Apple And Oranges

I hear more and more about the new video iPod and how it will change the world. In my opinion with the small screen size the device is little more than a fashion accessory -- at least for those of us with aging eyes. I am sure students will love the video capabilities but mainstream acceptance is a while off.

What is amazing is the concept of iTunes and the ability for this service to be a central clearinghouse for distributors of video content.

Now Apple isn't needed to distribute content but they seem to be the best chance the market has for organizing said content. That is of course until Google gets more aggressive in this space. NetFlix and Blockbuster will be players as well. Remember that content providers have been able to stream content for years so while some of these new developments are exciting, the technology to achieve video distribution is far from new.

Leave it to Apple to take something that has been around for years and glamorize and monetize it effectively.

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