Fuze Touts Rapid Growth and Significant Samsung Partnership

Fuze is a global UCaaS provider – in business since 2006. Their average seat size is greater than 3,000 with 40% of customers with headquarters outside of North America. Most recently, they added video and messaging to their voice offerings. 

“Our biggest differentiator is enterprise migrations from premise to cloud – with an entire practice in place to make this happen. The fact we’ve done this gives us a leg up on our competition,” says Michael Affronti, SVP of Product & Design in an in-person interview.

“Last year we closed a 27,000 user account in the UK and this speaks to the size of the enterprises we deploy,” he exclaimed. 

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He went on to explain they have an industry-leading unified application CX with chat, voice and video. Underneath their Fuze platform is an underlying data platform – analyzing how many are in-meetings, MOS scores and who dialed what number. 

The Fuze Data platform has Fuze View – which shows the details of the calls while Fuze Discover is like a advanced level BI tool allowing sophisticated drill-downs and reporting. It allows exporting for reporting and data mashups. 

They typically replace Cisco and Avaya and Microsoft Skype or Teams is their typical competitor. Fuze is generally picked for the voice platform which they consider their advantage. They have 38 countries with localized service and arrangements with 80 carriers. 

“We offer one bill and one throat to choke,” he exclaimed. 

He said, “This tends to get us a leg up over all of our competitors.” He continued, “Then the app experience, data platform and cloud-enablement tend to drive them over the competition.” 

They recently announced a strategic partnership with Samsung which represents an umbrella of solutions. They are now inside of 17,000 Waste Management trucks on Samsung tablets. This started the partnership. They think 5G and IIoT can be great homes for Fuze services. 

Also they released in January they renamed their voice SKU from voice to calling – with the ability to activate a full WebRTC meeting from a voice call. This works with the browser version on desktop and mobile. 

“A lot more innovation will come from Samsung relationship and on their data platform – AI and ML on Fuze Data via partners,” he explained.

They also now have backoffice tools which allow admins to more efficiently manage Fuze though preemptive network monitoring. 

In all, it was a positive meeting – Fuze seems to be executing well, competing against Microsoft and inking significant partnerships with tech giants like Samsung. These developments should bode well for their future. 

See also news of the latest patent Fuze received this month relating to network communications route selection.

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