Nortel's Customer Experience 2.0

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Nortel's Customer Experience 2.0

Perhaps one of my most interesting vendor meeting as of late was with Nortel where David Murashige VP & GM Multimedia Applications and Debora Glennon in Multimedia Applications Marketing really got me thinking about the way customers are serviced today. For example, Glennon started talking to me about customer experience 2.0 which reminded me a great deal of the Call Center 2.0 event TMC currently sponsors twice a year.

But Nortel really takes the 2.0 to the next level as they integrate the web with their customer service solutions. They feel that the company of the future needs to worry about social networking, blogging and all other areas of web 2.0.

The scary thing about customer service today is that a single customer can tell millions of other potential customers about how unhappy they are with your company.

Nortel thinks they are in a great position to help you solve the challenges facing customer service in a Web 2.0 world as they have been aligning people, information and communications in contact center for years.

In order to integrate more with Web 2.0 concepts, Nortel is transitioning its solutions to a web services framework and subsequently evolving from a company selling solutions for silos such as the contact center, IVR, etc to a provider of custom experience management in a Web 2.0-enabled world.

I for one cannot be more elated about this news as the contact center has been a bit stale lately as there hasn't been as much innovation as there could be. The next evolution of contact centers is definitely customer experience 2.0 and I applaud Nortel's efforts in this area and I can't wait to see their new solutions in action.

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