Social Networks and Political Contributions

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Obama's campaign had an incredible number of smart, savvy people running his social media machine, including Shawna Vercher of VTI-Web in Tampa Bay.

Social Media is a time commitment. Most SMB owners don't have the time or energy left to "do" social media. Some don't know what to say. Some are techno-phobic. Some are just surviving.

Then there is the wave of Social Media Experts, who swoop in to charge the business owner for their expertise as if one size fits all in any marketing plan, let alone social media.

No doubt many businesses still don't know how to use social networking. I don't think social networking is the only thing which could help a business achieve success but yes it definitely plays and important role in the over all success of any business. A time will surely come when social media will become the biggest tool for the politicians to run their election campaigns.

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