Priceline: Revenge of the Dotcom

Some of you may know TMC and Priceline have our headquarters in the same building at 800 Connecticut Avenue here in Norwalk, CT and as I drove into the garage this afternoon I spied an Audi R8 in a parking spot which belongs to Priceline. I am a huge fan of this car and have blogged about it before. It is the Audi answer to the Porsche 911 in case you are wondering. But it looks better and is quite mesmerizing in person. I haven’t researched to see if this car is definitely owned by one of the execs of the dotcom travel site but I must say when I saw it and the Priceline sign it brought a smile to my face for a few reasons.

BTW nothing says Happy Hanukkah quite like a new Audi R8 for your favorite blogger. The way I figure, thats an R for every night.


I immediately thought of the good old days when all the dotcoms flew high and then my thoughts went to the post-crash Tonight Show where I distinctly remember Jay Leno making a joke about naming your price for Priceline Stock. Then my thoughts went to the company’s recent performance which values this Connecticut-based tech leader at a near 10-year high worth $9 billion dollars!

Want this in perspective? American Airlines parent company AMR Corporation is worth only $2.3 billion.

Congratulations Priceline for riding out the storm and showing that a good idea only becomes a good business when you have the stomach and determination to see it through – regardless of the challenges you have to go through.

BTW, what does it take to meet Shatner? Does he drop by the office much? Can you beam him over to TMC HQ for a few minutes sometime? I’ll even pick up lunch. No seriously.

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