Comments on Last Week’s DevCon5 HTML5 Conference

HTML5 is an important topic as cross-platform development without the need to work with app store guardians means developers are generally free to write apps the way they want without the need to conform to standards or really any rules set by an app store overlord.

This isn’t to say that app stores don’t have advantages to them – they do… Consider their ability to promote your apps, host the files for you and deal with billing are a few of these. But still, for many, the write-once, run-everywhere nature of HTML5 makes it an important resource in their development.


Last week’s HTML5 event DevCon5 (disclosure, TMC is a co-producer of the event and I am CEO of TMC) was well-attended (pictures) and although I wasn’t at the conference I felt like I got a great taste of all that happened by reading the 8bitrocketblog by Jeff Fulton.

My favorite part of the post is the page where the HTML5 iOS demos live – I like Brickbasher Mobile but Retro Blaster Touch is my favorite. A coworker saw me using the game in a meeting earlier today and try as I did, I am not sure I convinced her I was actually absorbing the finer points of HTML5, not ignoring her presentation. smiley-laughing

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