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Globalcomm Digest

Tom has the best Globalcomm digest I have seen. He has links to lots of other sources as well. Lots of news broke at the show but exhibitors said there was no press there. I did get to write a story about Lucent after a press conference they had on the first day. Many exhibitors were screaming bloody murder as they paid for big booths at TelecomNext and Globalcomm and each was competing to be the worst show. Ouch.

Some exhibitors had good shows – the few on the left hand side in the front and those that marketed well in advance for themselves. I also heard the Outside Plant area was better than Globalcomm in general.

The word on the street is that this show may not happen again. I find that hard to believe though. It will likely just be scaled down significantly instead. I do sense what happened to Comdex now happening to Supercomm.
Here are Brough Turner's comments and photos:
Just back from Globalcomm There's been a lot of comment in telecom newsletters, so I'll be brief. The organizers announced 17,200 cumulative attendance as of Wednesday morning, but many of those people must have come for just one or two days, mainly Tuesday. Monday and Wednesday traffic was very low. Here's a view of the show floor on Wednesday around 11:30am.

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