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I am heading to Globalcomm tomorrow and wish I was flying on Jet Blue as they have recently won (AP, Reuters) the rights to provide WiFi in-flight. It is likely early to take advantage of the in-flight wireless broadband but I just can’t wait for it to get started.

I am also super-excited about the IMS party TMC is hosting with the IMS Forum. Thanks to Siemens as the party sponsor. It takes place Monday night and it is a can’t miss event. It is walking distance from the convention center meaning no cab lines between you and the party. Registrations are pouring in and the list of attendees is the cream of the crop of the IMS and IP communications market.

To stay up on all that is happening at Globalcomm might I suggest you bookmark the TMC Globalcomm News Snapshot page. Also you are welcome to sign up for a Globalcomm news alert that will send you an e-mail daily on any mention of Globalcomm in the news.

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