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UTStarcom FMC

UTStarcom is hosting a symposium at our upcoming ITEXPO on FMC. The Symposium will be held on Thursday in the Pavilion Theater on the show floor from 11:30 – 1:00 and again on Friday 1:00 – 2:30. This session is open to service providers, carriers and the press. I have attached a description provided by UTStarcom.


Service providers today face a number of customer challenges: 
  • Cellular service coverage is still a source of consumer dissatisfaction, especially at home and in the office-two locations that account for half of all mobile phone calls. 
  • Wireline service providers are losing their core voice customers to wireless substitutuion. They seek alternate revenue-generating services.
  • Cost of mobile service remains high to consumers-especially compared to wireline and VoIP service
  • Backhaul is a significant expense for cellular service providers
 Fixed Mobile Convergence offers consumers new levels of convenience-while consumers have already begun to shift voice communications to wireless service via substitution, the lack of RF coverage and high cost of Cellular are leading the way for FMC trials   End users love the convenience of a single handset and single number that provides an anywhere/anytime approach to voice services. 

In this session, the team from UTStarcom will provide an overview of the market opportunity for Fixed Mobile Convergence, and a high-level overview of the technology that makes it work. By combining a focus on ROI-friendly applications with the forward-looking requirements of IMS, service providers can build multi-purpose networks that improve consumer experience and drive profitable revenue growth. This session will show:
  • How IMS architectures will maximize technology reuse for FMC deployments.
  • Where cost savings can be found in network deployment
  • Why the application layer of the IMS architecture will provide sustainable competitive advantage for service providers
Presenters from UTStarcom include:

Farshid Mohammadi, General Manager, Core Switching and VP of Business Development IMS Forum
Guanglu Wang, Product Line Manager, Core Switching
Steve Susina, Senior Product Manager, Core Switching.

All three members of the UTStarcom team are working with their customers worldwide on deployment of Fixed Mobile Convergence solutions for network installations in wireless and wireline enviornments.

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