How to Keep up with Tech in 2020

Without a doubt, tech is the most exciting space to be. AI for example – just one-part of tech is changing the world for the better. Yesterday we discussed a future of work post that AI can help grow the economy and create new jobs. In that case, it was through the use of better investing in movies by allowing AI to predict which actors will perform best based on past experience.

Laptops now have one-and-a-half screens! More real estate means more productivity – or entertainment… Whatever you can do with one screen, you can do better with a second one! Thank You Asus!

Again, a great time to be in tech . 🙂

For 21 years we at TMC – where I am CEO, have been working to bring the most exciting tech to business decision makers, MSPs, carriers and investors through ITEXPO.

Based on your needs have continually expanded the event into the world’s first and only TECHSUPERSHOW.

At the event, you can learn about all that matters in technology – UCaaS, the Channel, IT, IOT, Edge, Cybersecurity, AI, SD-WAN, and the Future of Work, AIOps, blockchain, Edge Computing, Smart City and more.

Each important area has its own event with its own conference – MSP Expo, for example, caters to the fast-growing managed service provider space.

There is a shared exhibit hall where all the most important players will be.

The ITEXPO TECHSUPERSHOW is unique in another way as well.

Vendor shows can be quite useful but they are VENDOR shows meaning there is a single point of view. You only hear from partners and customers, not competitors.

What if a new and better solution comes to market? You will never see it at such a venue.

The ITEXPO #TECHSUPERSHOW is vendor-neutral and we make every effort to make it and keep it unbiased. The vendors and attendees you meet at this event can’t all be found under any other roof. Hundreds of companies and speakers and eight thousand attendees will converge on Fort Lauderdale, FL on Feb 12-14, 2020. Early bird rates can save you a lot of money if you act now.


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