Thank You all For the Recognition

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Thank You all For the Recognition



I felt quite honored today as I learned my communications and technology blog was on a top VoIP blog list over at Focus - thanks David Hakala. Other names on the list include TMC contributor Jon Arnold. Jon is also a partner in TMC's Smart Grid portal and event which takes place in collocation with ITEXPO in 24 days in Los Angeles, CA.

Notable industry figure Jeff Pulver made the list as did Andy Abramson - the prolific blogger and PR 2.0 leader. Others include Brough Turner, Irwin Lazar, Alec Saunders, Luca Filigheddu and Stuart Henshal. Here is the complete list.

Speaking of Luca, he was nice enough to mention me recently on a podcast with Suzanne Bowen of DIDX. It makes a great listen. Thanks to Suzanne and Luca for the nice comments about ITEXPO.

To me industry recognition is always the most humbling praise one can get. Without loyal readers like you this would never take place so thanks for participating in TMC's community building activities, in-print, in-person and online and have a wonderful weekend.

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