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TMCnet Goes International

Today is a momentous occasion for me as TMCnet has gone international developing continent-specific editions for Latin America, Europe, Asia the Middle East and Australia. You will find these country choices on a grey horizontal bar at the top of most of our pages. TMCnet is the largest communications and technology portal in the world and this move allows people everywhere to see news specific to their needs.

We believe this move is a good one for TMCnet visitors and the advertisers looking to cost-effectively target communications buyers – service providers, enterprise decision makers, resellers and developers worldwide
TMCnet has approximately 2 million unique visitors per month and here are Alexa’s statistics on TMCnet’s international reach as of this writing: users come from these countries:
United States                54.6%
Canada                         5.0%
United Kingdom           4.8%
India                             4.2%
Australia                       1.9%
Malaysia                       1.5%
Germany                      1.4%
Philippines                    1.2%
Singapore                     1.1%
Israel                            1.1%
China                           1.0% traffic rank in other countries (lower numbers are better. 1 is the best):
United States                809
India                             2,134
Canada                       2,736
Australia                       4,032
United Kingdom           4,213

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