RingPlus Launch party at ITEXPO West 2009

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RingPlus Launch party at ITEXPO West 2009

The photo below may or may not accurately depict the following event ;)


I just received this email which I thought I would pass along to my readers and attendees. Just so you know, if you want me to promote your event at the show you can just drop me a line ASAP. Thanks.


RingPlus, Inc. (Booth 321) is having their Exclusive Launch Party on Sept. 2nd after closing day of the ITEXPO Conference. We are currently one of the exhibitors for this year's conference and wanted to first invite you to attend and also invite the attendees of the conference to attend as well. 

The event is free and would love to share it with fellow conference attendees.

Take care,
Clifton Slater
RingPlus, Inc.
VP, Business Development
(310) 990-1889

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