Enough Whales Already

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Enough Whales Already

Let me start this post by saying there is probably few people who love animals as much as me. But I am more a couch potato animal lover. I don’t have a house filled with cats and dogs but rather I can sit for hours watching documentaries about life in Africa, Australia or anywhere there are animals.
Having said that can someone explain to me how two whales have received more press than the war in Afghanistan? In the last week every excruciating detail of a pair of whales who took a wrong turn in California has been analyzed and discussed in excess.
I am sure if I did a search there is a website somewhere dedicated to the bowel movements of these two mammoth creatures. There is likely also a museum being built in their honor and countless other ornaments… T-shirts, mugs, etc.
All this while other parts of the world are still killing and eating these animals. To me the human interest aspect died off after the first day but either I am in the minority or the media has it wrong.
As I did a search for stories on the topic surprisingly Bloomberg came up as the first hit. Does this story have financial implications? Does the average Bloomberg reader have a yacht and this story may appeal to them as the whales were struck by a boat? Who knows?
But rather than add any more fuel to this story I say let’s just boycott stories about these two whales unless they do something well newsworthy. Taking a left instead of a right to me doesn’t seem like world news.

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