Mosquito Magnet Cleared my Mosquitos

My yard has always been quite buggy. This past weekend however I went outside and didn’t see or more importantly feel a single biting insect after being outside at dusk for about ninety minutes. Since we had a very wet spring, the mosquito population in May and June was absolutely tremendous – I didn’t even want to go outside without liberal amounts of spray which is harmful to humans.

The good news is I can actually see where all these biting critters mosquito-magnet-executive.pngwent… Into a net in my Mosquito Magnet Executive.

I have been writing about these devices since 2005 but in the last few years I upgraded to the above-mentioned unit and it captures even more insects than my previous model. I know this for certain as I ran both of them for a few months and the difference in yield was pretty amazing.

The company told me they improved the internal systems which means the unit has more powerful suction which catches even more bugs. In case you can’t afford a new unit you can use The Mosquito Store to upgrade your old model with new internals.

I can’t recommend this product any more highly – you must get one if you are concerned about diseases which come from flying insects.

The only thing to keep in mind is you need real propane to keep these units running – a propane exchange will likely not work as the gas is not pure enough. Also – some environmentalists are concerned these unites emit CO2 which they believe is bad for the environment.

Since animals (humans too) exhale carbon dioxide, it is not like CO2 is a poison though.

Still, if you have such a concern you can weigh it against contracting a fatal disease and then make a choice as to whether killing biting insects takes priority.

Keep in mind this trap costs $750 and you need a tank of propane and a few supplies every three weeks. There are some other vendors making competitive models which use electricity instead of propane. I haven’t had a chance to test any of these out but if you have an experience worth sharing, please do.

One last comment – you want to place the unit upwind if possible as mosquitos travel upwind after they are born. Thankfully the wind seems fairly constant near my house making it easier to capture the majority of the bugs. Your results may vary.

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