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SIP Trunking Providers

One of the areas of IP communications which is seeing tremendous growth is SIP trunking providers and suppliers and the reason is simple - the technology saves companies money and increases their telecom flexibility and ability to boost productivity. The move to SIP however is more challenging than just plugging a wire into a box. You need to be aware of security, quality and compatibility issues. But to buy legacy circuit switched equipment today is generally suicidal for a career so SIP trunking has to be on your immediate radar.

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If you are looking to go down the IP communications road and take advantage of all SIP trunking has to offer, you owe it to your company to come to ITEXPO in Miami January 20-22nd, 2010 and participate in Ingate's SIP Trunking Workshop at ITEXPO and see why thousands of resellers and corporations have sat through these sessions and walked away thrilled.

I have participated in this event in the past and I stop by frequently at every ITEXPO because the enthusiasm in the room is just that great. The thirst for knowledge is only rivaled by the expertise of the excellent speakers in attendance. Moreover, the networking taking place throughout ITEXPO guarantees you will avoid painful mistakes which could cost your company customers or worse.

There is a massive sea changing taking place in telecom and SIP trunking is a major disruptive force in the market. Be sure to come to this event so you can keep up with the times and round out your career credentials.

Update 12/14/2009:

Confirmed speakers include:  ShoreTel, Avaya, Digium, Cbeyond,, Mitel NetSolutions, Dialogic, SIP Forum, VOIPSA, Intertex Data AB and of course Ingate Systems.   Also, several customers will be speaking as well for the case study sessions.

Live demos -- There will be several live demos of deploying a secure SIP trunk on-site:

  • Digium will conduct a live demo  
  • Avaya will conduct a live demo
  • ShoreTel and will conduct a live demo

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