Google Buys Technorati – Not

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Google Buys Technorati – Not

Tom, I have to disagree with your point about Google buying Technorati. Although there are compelling reasons for Google to do this they can do everything Technorati does and more with a few days of programming. After all legend has it that Google News was built in a few days… Blog search can be built in the same amount of time if not less.

Let’s look at the facts. Google already searches and indexes all the blogs out there anyway. All they need to do is to add a tab next to News on the Google search results bar and voila, the need for Technorati goes away.

Tom, even though your new blog design looks fantastic, I am inclined to think Microsoft, Yahoo! or some other company such a major publisher will pick them up. Google doesn’t need them and if they do choose to purchase the company it will be a purely defensive play.

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