Lenovo ThinkPad

I was pessimistic about the Lenovo acquisition of IBM’s computing division but have recently changed my mind and for the moment am very impressed by the pace of innovation at Lenovo.

Perhaps IBM bureaucracy was slowing the company down over the years and Lenovo has freed the creative people up. Certainly the ThinkPad notebook, the flagship of notebooks was quite an achievement but a company like IBM that invents so many new technologies years before others has had a difficult time translating these innovations into profit.

It seems Lenovo is happy to roll out new ThinkPad notebooks at such a rapid clip that even Dell has to be sweating as it looks in its rearview mirror.

We know Lenovo can produce products inexpensively as they are based in China and we know Lenovo can innovate. The question is can they make reliable computers. ThinkPad laptops are rock solid – of course flukes like my T42p dying two days ago need to be ignored by people such as myself as they are likely isolated incidents.

Dell is the company to beat in computing and Lenovo has the formula needed to give the Texas-based company a run for its money. In the next twelve months or so, we will have to see how Lenovo does and whether they increase market share. With the current momentum the company is enjoying, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them slowly making inroads on Dell’s leadership position.

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