Mark Hurd new President of Oracle

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Mark Hurd new President of Oracle

Fresh out of a sexual-harassment scandal a few weeks old, Mark Hurd jumped from being the CEO of HP to the President of Oracle as Charles Phillips resigns. An amazing turn of events to say the least and I am look forward to the analysis and further insight of opinion-makers in the remainder of the shortened US work-week.

Earlier today I mentioned that Hurd was being considered for a position at Oracle and I must say that the speed in which Larry Ellison moves is admirable.

It is worth noting that there is nothing like backing up words with action as you recall, Ellison was a vocal opponent of the forced resignation of Hurd.

Update: MarketWatch reported Hurd is the President of Oracle, The Wall Street Journal says he is to become a Co-President.

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Feedback for Mark Hurd new President of Oracle


I think this is a good move on Ellison's part. HP is both a big competitor and partner (coopetition) to Oracle so Hurd would bring in a lot of valuable insight to what Oracle is doing. Hurd seems like the right guy to do something useful with the Sun assets that Oracle acquired. Seems like an idea fit to me.

The lines of business in which Oracle directly competes with HP are a minority of Oracle's total business and a minority of HP's total business. And before today, HP was a good vendor to Oracle, and Oracle was a good vendor to HP. Starting tomorrow, all those purchase orders will need Legal's approval.

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