AT&T CallVantage Lowers Price

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AT&T CallVantage Lowers Price

I believe the AT&T name is worth a great deal and customers will pay a premium for the guarantee of AT&T quality. This is one of the strongest brands in corporate America. Although AT&T is marketing aggressively, their ads are so horizontal and image based that I am not sure what any of them stand for. Instead, AT&T should be promoting CallVantage aggressively and adding features and holding the line on prices. I would even consider more premium calling services at a higher price.

Of course other AT&T products deserve the benefit of individual promotion as well. It seems funny that a company with such a strong brand focuses so much energy on reinforcing that brand. We are likely at mindshare saturation though. But if I am wrong and brand building is so effective then why the CallVantage price drop?

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