Skype Toolbars

Today Skype announced toolbars for applications like MS office and others. In my humble opinion this is one of the biggest announcements in IP communications as it integrates the largest VoIP community with a plethora of applications that hundreds of millions of people use each day.

As I have said before the ubiquity of IP intersecting with IP communications will allow us to do more and more. What makes me wonder is why this announcement wasn’t made first by Vonage.

Vonage needs to be ahead of these guys and if they don’t have teams of people trying to out-innovate Skype they are in trouble.

By the way toolbars are not new and VoIP toolbars are not new. Vonexus and Broadsoft are a few of the companies who have integrated toolbars and telecom. Microsoft purchased a company that does this as well but I have to sign off soon and don’t have time to look up their name which I forgot. Hopefully one of my super-intelligent readers will comment on the name of the company and perhaps what Microsoft has done with the acquisition.

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