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LSI Logic

I recently had a chance to interview Ramesh Bhimarao the VoIP product Line Manager at LSI Logic on the future of VoIP development. LSI Logic is a leader in VoIP processors for wireless and wired applications and their products form the foundation of many of the next generation VoIP killer devices I am looking forward to seeing.

What trends are you seeing in VoIP development?

Voice over WiFi and VoIP integration with CPE devices such as routers and broadband modems are the definite trends we are seeing in the marketplace.

Is 2005 the best year for VoIP? 2006, etc?

Deployment will accelerate from now until 2008. Best years are 2006/2007.

What are the hottest areas in VoIP development?

The hottest area is VoWiFi integration with GSM/CDMA Mobile phones.

Why do you think now is the time for developers to get into VoIP?

Developers need to understand the opportunity VoIP presents and its evolution to video phones.

Are there still opportunities that will generate revenue in the VoIP space?

Yes. The VoIP market is still nascent and will be embedded into cell phones, IADs, routers, cordless phones, PDAs.

Where do you see WiFi telephony going in the future? WiMAX, 3G?

VoWiFi will move to unlicensed bands like 802.11G and Mobile WiMax.

Do you have an opinion on hybrid cellular/WiFi devices?

Dual mode "Cellular/WiFi" devices are the format for the emerging single phone scenario for home, mobile and enterprise telephony.

What are your feelings on SIP?

SIP will basically tie all real time services over the packet network and will be signaling of choice for the mass market.

How do you see IMS changing the landscape of telecom?

IMS as a peer-to-peer free service will be part of the solution towards free telephony in the coming years.

If you would like to learn more about VoIP development or you would like to meet with LSI Logic in the exhibit hall, be sure to come to TMC’s VoIP Developer show August 2-4, 2005 in San Francisco, CA. This event is the industry defining developer event – the world’s only VoIP developer event in fact and we expect the exhibit hall which has now doubled in size over last year to sell out once again. We expect attendance to be over 1,000 which will double last year’s attendance. The registration database is already growing at a healthy clip. I hope to see you there.

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