My Day of Shooting Videos in Dallas

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My Day of Shooting Videos in Dallas

I am here at the Joule Hotel in Dallas, Texas where I met with over a dozen companies in the communications and tech space today. The mood is very very optimistic - there was more confidence than my last trip to Boston this past December. A few interesting items - I forgot my phone on this trip as I left it charging until the last possible second - and whoops, I forgot to take it. When I realized, I freaked out for ten seconds and then realized I had a tablet.

Since my voicemails get transcribed and emailed and I could use Skype, I actually didn't miss the phone. I did feel weird putting the microphone of the iPad up to my mouth and I got a few looks on the airplane but still, it worked.

Sadly the bluetooth pairing doesn't allow me to speak on Skype but I had a wired headset which worked fine.

This of course leads me to wonder - if the tablet becomes a bit more convenient - will I ever need to carry my phone?

One last point is Lady Gaga apparently stayed in the room we are in - a bit of cool trivia.

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