Tom Gets ValleyWag Award

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Tom Gets ValleyWag Award

I Can't Make This Stuff Up

Tom Keating gets traffic to his blog many would envy. It is staggering in fact how well his blog does. Not because his writing isn't good but because I can see how much traffic everything at TMCnet gets compared to his sole efforts. TMCnet has a staggering number of contributors as you may realize so I am in a good position to compare his efforts versus others.

Armed with this info I read with a smile the mention of Tom as a "minor gadget blogger" on the ValleyWag site. Apparently although Tom's blog is minor his use of animation rocks as he wins "best-illustrated tech article ever" according to the site.

Tom's entry? A detailed article about Fonality acquiring Trixbox which includes a great interview and lucid comments. Best of all a great community discussion regarding the ramifications of the deal ensues.

For his part Tom isn't sure whether to be insulted or happy he got a link and award. He is still trying to figure it all out. My take is Donald Trump said it best -- "There is no such thing as bad publicity." Of course some of our politicians whose e-mails have been showing up as evidence lately may beg to differ.

All I can hope is the ValleyWagians get their microscopes out, find my blog at and give me an award as well. I don't ask for much. I would take most average-looking VoIP blogger, least lethargic VoIP blogger, or even blogger whose photo was taken longest ago. You know, stuff like that ;)

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