VoIP 2.0 Application Uncovered

Call me a sensationalist but I just learned about for60secs.com from Tom’s blog and I am blown away. The site gives away phone calls of 60 seconds — actually six minute calls at the moment. In exchange the calls are recorded and anyone can listen to them on the web. The model is ad supported.

Do I think this is a billion dollar idea? I am not sure but what I can tell you is that building communities and multimedia are big parts of web 2.0. Look at the success of MySpace and YouTube. This service blends the best of these services into a new business model.

While we are on the topic, I would like to say I don’t understand the reality TV craze. Give me an episode of Seinfeld any day. But it seems I am in the vast minority and most likely you are a voyeur, like to watch other people on TV and YouTube and will now like to listen in on conversations between students, lovers, friends, whatever.

This service has the potential to be very viral and also portends a future of videoconference calls which are recorded.

In summary — I don’t get this whole reality TV craze but apparently you do and if YouTube and MySpace are the future of the internet then free phone calls for all to hear are the future as well.

Oh and one last comment… think people don’t like to share their personal details on the web? Then I suggest you start doing some blog searches to see how incorrect you are.

OK here is the real last comment. This is the quintessential VoIP 2.0 application/service. This is exactly what happens when you take the best of web 2.0 and blend it with VoIP to get VoIP 2.0. Coincidently the VoIP 2.0 event takes place next week in San Diego. Hope to see you there.

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