Cox Goes Wireless

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Cox Goes Wireless

Look out world, the triple-play is becoming the quadruple-play. In all likelihood we are already at the quadruple play in many cases and heading to quintuple. OK -- we will call it X-play.

Cutting to  the chase, Cox is now reselling Sprint service -- this is not a surprise to many of you I am sure but it will be very interesting to see how customers warm up to using a cable service provider for their wireless communications needs.

Based on my experience, customers are most satisfied with Verizon service but they like AT&T because it offers perhaps the best GSM network in the US -- allowing easy roaming out of the country.

Sprint has a network which while not terrible is not great either. In addition, they have been plagued with customer service issues. Allowing the cable companies to be the smiling face the customers deal with should provide a meaningful bump in service numbers.

Then again, there are so many people who will never switch to an iPhone because they won't leave the great Verizon network... Will people jump to Sprint because it saves them a few bucks and/or simplifies their billing options? Time will tell.

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