T-Mobile Cameo Photo Frame a Great Idea

Look, I know the economy is slow. I know the consumer has less money than they did last year. I also know that service providers should be looking for new ways to get as much of the consumer’s money as possible by providing value. This is why I am 100% behind the new T-Mobile cameo electronic photo frame which comes with its own phone number.

For $99 to start and $9.95 a month you are able to get photos from your camera phones to show up on this picture frame via unlimited MMS. Like the Kindle from Amazon, here we have another product which leverages the cellular network to provide additional value.

Sure, there are ways to do this with WiFi and sure Kodak has camera and picture frames which work fairly seamlessly with one another. But who cares?

You see, today’s kids are also able to use email for free with any mobile data plan but they don’t – they use SMS/text messaging instead. And they pay through the nose to do so. So it is possible these kids might also gravitate towards a photo frame which can be updated remotely by MMS-enabled camera phone (which by the way does not include the iPhone). One wonders if they can get this frame to also display messages as well so a person could text the cameo frame when he/she is running late.

Mobile phones and texting have become just so popular. If T-Mobile plays its cards right, this could become a popular new category of electronics and T-Mobile could be the major player in the space.

  • wii nunchuk
    November 24, 2008 at 12:09 am

    It is great that it is useful to children also.

  • l
    November 24, 2008 at 12:46 pm

    Weak product, minimal value, why would people not just send pics (and messages about being late) to other peoples’ phones?

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