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I was just spending some time learning about WiBree and how it differs from bluetooth. If bluetooth is a perfect standard allowing just the right range and just the right battery life then perhaps WiBree is a better as it has the same range of ten meters but also has better battery power consumption at lower throughput rates.

Now if anyone is using bluetooth for high bandwidth applications they are likely disappointed as 3 Mbps is just not going to cut it. But it is fast enough for things like headset connections, etc. It turns out WiBree's 1 Mbps is probably good enough for many and with better battery life this standard will allow many other devices -- that didn’t make sense to bluetooth enable -- to be connected with one another.

So while many people are hinting that WiBree may be the bluetooth killer I have to wonder if this isn't a bit premature. Technology has a funny way of twisting and turning in ways you don't always foresee. For example I wouldn't be surprised if bluetooth vendors aren't currently looking for ways to handicap this ubiquitous wireless standard so it competes more effectively with WiBree.

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