Most Tablets Will Fail

Hi all, here a small dose of reality. I know the world is tablet-crazy


and all and I hate to be the one breaking up the party but in reality those of us over 18, remember how tech works. Most of the tablets will die horribly. Perhaps content will interoperate between these larger than normal gadgets, making this a minor issue but it is very very unlikely that more than a handful of these devices will sell in volumes needed to be successful.

Kindle, Windows, Android and Apple are some of the places to put bets.

Beyond the majors, it will be almost impossible to succeed unless you have access to specific content no one else can get.

For example a tablet from a no-name company with exclusive ESPN content may be a hit.

Sorry to be a killjoy but I didn’t warn my readers about the dotcom/telecom crash and won’t make that mistake again.

Update Jan 8, 2009: Will the PlasticLogic Que ProReader make me eat my words because it becomes a paper replacement? hope so.

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