Pandora Interview: TMCnet Exclusive

Internet radio has really revolutionized the way millions have listened to music and for that I have to thank everyone in the industry for allowing consumers to mark individual songs for more or less play. The amazing thing about Internet radio is that the more you listen and mark the songs you like, the better it gets – adjusting to fit your musical taste like a custom-made glove.

Having said that, I believe we owe Tim Westergren one of the founders of Pandora a great deal for being a pioneer in the space.

To hear Tim’s thoughts on 4G, iPhone/AT&T exclusivity and the growth of his company, be sure to read the interview.

Oh, and I would be doing you an injustice if I didn’t mention the 4G Wireless Evolution event taking place with ITEXPO this week in downtown Los Angeles at the Convention Center. The TMC team is all here (the last few just arrived) and we are setting up for the best show ever.

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