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We were just reading the wrap-up from Calysto Communications. PRVibes of IoT Evolution Expo Florida 2017, a few weeks back on Fort Lauderdale. We are humbled by the nice comments – thanks to all of you for making the show a success… Sponsors, speakers, attendees, the TMC team and Crossfire Media.

Here are a few of the nicest comments worth sharing (emphasis added by us):

The real value of IoT, in our opinion and that of many of the analysts that we speak with on a regular basis, will be found in the enterprise. With that in mind, for enterprises looking to understand how to develop and implement IoT solutions, the IoT Evolution Conference and Expo, which took place February 7- 10, 2017, in Fort Lauderdale, is an event to have on the calendar. 

This show is aptly named because it has is truly evolving. First, it revamped from M2M Evolution Expo to IoT Evolution. But now what sets it apart now is its focus on how IoT impacts enterprises across all markets and where implementation initiatives fit within a company. Companies can no longer assume IoT belongs to IT.

Discussions covered who does IoT belong to in the enterprise, how should CEO’s plan for AI and more — all the good stuff. 

Calysto views this Forum (which we were proud to help organize) as an important contributor to the industry, so stay tuned for future developments! 

Carl Ford, CEO, Crossfire Media and executive director of content, IoT Evolution and his team have done a great job with this event. As the 17th event, and the first true M2M/IoT conference, it continues to evolve!

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