Apple Tablet PC

Think of it as an iPhone but with more of it to love. 😉
Sure you love your iPhone, iPod and other Apple devices but something is missing. You want a single device which gives you the power of the MacBook with the portability of an iPhone but you just don’t know where to turn. Perhaps you could buy an iPhone and iPod and put one in each hand. Or you could use a laptop while you use your iPhone.
If only – if only, Apple was working on a Tablet PC – something with the power of an iPhone – the great and intuitive interface, coupled with a powerful dual-core processor and a huge screen, allowing web browsing of the most sophisticated pages with ease.
Wouldn’t it just be nifty? Divine? Exciting? Delightful?
Could you imagine if such a thing existed?? I could. If Apple were to roll such a thing out there would be lines forming at Apple stores many weeks in advance. Fans would certainly give up food and relieving themselves for a chance to get one of these devices early.
So for the Apple faithful, now is a time to start packing your tents, food rations and certainly some warm clothes and maybe an umbrella. Why you ask? Because it looks like – get ready for another trip to rumorville, that Apple may be working on such a device.
Where do you get one and when? Well it is a bit early to say for sure but CNET’s Crave Blog has the details and some interesting product sketches for you to lust over.

  • steve
    August 20, 2009 at 5:28 am

    Amazing! Apple Technology has already been very popular and now this technology is certainly going to rock the world.This is not only hi-tech but it is looking beautiful.
    There are more features and articles on here:

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