Sonos Supports Amazon Cloud

One of the challenges for consumers is dealing with disparate cloud vendors such as Apple and Amazon. Interestingly for many users the song catalogues for each vendor is incomplete. This is especially true when it comes to electronic dance music or EDM. So users who try to live within the iTunes ecosystem are forced to venture over to Amazon at times.

Well, this can present problems because it isn’t always easy to find your Amazon music on your iOS device – especially if you have a large catalogue of music and aren’t sure what songs you recently downloaded/purchased.

One partial solution to this problem has presented itself as Sonos – the in-home WiFi-powered stereo system now supports the Amazon cloud. While I haven’t had a chance to demo the integration yet the combination of Amazon’s music player connected to your various home stereo components is a great move for both Amazon and Sonos.

And in the process it decreases the dependence on the Apple iTunes Music Store.

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