Hotel Broadband Problems

Sure, Jeff Pulver and Andy Abramson are right on when they talk about the sad state of hotel broadband. In a perfect world, we should all work together and start a community site where we can post our broadband access experiences so others would know ahead of time what to expect. Moreover, I wonder if many people are like me and will take broadband speed into account before booking a hotel room.
But for now I can’t be concerned with such problems as I am staying in Vegas for Interop and to be honest, hotel broadband is not my top priority.
What is? The dozen drunk kids playing tackle football in the hall all last night. Boy am I tired.
Worse yet, this seems to happen every time I come to Vegas and it does not seem to be hotel dependant. Isn’t it time for hotels to put people who are attending conventions in separate parts of the hotel from those who are here to party? Granted, sometimes these are the same people.
Simply asking if people are here on business or pleasure could help categorize guests more efficiently.

  • Andy Abramson
    May 23, 2007 at 12:13 am

    Call security…or ask for a refund. You paid for a room to sleep in..If they refuse, when the bill hits your credit card, dispute the charges.
    Oh, be sure to write a complaint letter to the hotel GM while you’re in the hotel. You’d be amazed what Real Time Action occurs then in a good hotel.

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