Orlando World Center Marriott

This is the second time I have been at a hotel at a telecom show and found there is no Internet access. Well there is access mind you, it is just that the network is so congested that it is absolutely impossible to get an IP address or worse you get one and the speed doesn’t even compare to dial-up.

Andy Abramson has some great views on this topic and they are that hotels need to have on-demand bandwidth capable of handling the traffic their guests put on the network. I am paraphrasing a bit here but that is the general idea.

I for one cannot stay disconnected and EVDO while great is no substitute for real broadband. Hotels, especially those touting themselves as world class resorts need to focus more on the broadband access they supply guests.

Soon, the web will make it easy for traveling executives to screen out the hotels with lousy Internet access meaning poor bandwidth will equal less revenue.

The Internet is the greatest disseminator of information and trust me, people who have terrible broadband experiences in hotels after paying for access will complain loudly and frequently.

If you disagree, start reading once again at the top of the page.

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