Overture: Enabling Carriers to Compete Today

Communications service providers are facing unprecedented opportunity and threats and if the OTT threat wasn’t a big enough challenge, its worth pointing out AT&T recently lost its bid to supply broadband to Starbucks to Google of all companies. Who would have thought this could even happen a mere five years ago?

I had a discussion about the pace of change in the CSP market with Mark Durrett of Overture and he went over many of the ways his company is helping carriers deal with the transition. The company is doing this through their Ensemble OSA product which is an open-architecture for software-defined services allowing service creation, activation and assurance by bringing many of the benefits of cloud computing to the metro edge. Embracing both NFV and SDN, this solution is designed to allow carriers to experiment with new services and pricing models without the traditional high-costs associated with such strategies.

Supporting the above initiative is the Overture 6500 multiaccess service delivery platform which provides Carrier Ethernet 2.0 switching and aggregation for any access such as fiber, bonded copper, TDM and SONET/SDH.

Carriers are looking to migrate to MPLS, SDN and virtualized networks and to support such initiatives the company has the Overture 65 Series – what the company refers to as a Next Generation Gigabit Ethernet Access Device. Durrett explained the product is designed to allow nanosecond SLA accuracy – quite useful as companies are looking for more granular control and visibility from their carrier.

He went to explain the company just announced upgrades to the Overture 1400 and Ethernet Over Copper product lines which allow them to have enhanced remote fault management, zero touch provisioning, enhanced performance assurance and more.


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