VoIP in Education

Interesting info on what VoIP adoption looks like in the education market:

Of the surveyed institutions, 43 percent reported that they are using VoIP. However, almost all of the users noted that the VoIP network currently covers less than 25 percent of their campus. Among those who assigned their VoIP network a grade, the responses averaged out to a solid B – a 3.13 grade point average. However, 25 percent gave the network an “incomplete.”

The most frequently mentioned benefits of the VoIP network were improved end-user features (cited by 46 percent of the users), cost savings (cited by 31 percent), and overall network efficiency (cited by 23 percent).

These VoIP users do have concerns and ongoing challenges when it comes to their use of the technology. Security was named by 77 percent of the users as a concern, with Quality of Service and emergency 911 issues cited by 69 percent. Sixty-two percent pointed to management as an issue.

Other challenges cited were cost, user training, complexity, and help desk issues.

“There is obviously tremendous interest in Voice over IP networking on North American campuses,” said Jeri Semer, executive director of ACUTA. “Our survey suggests that our member institutions are being very methodical about how they are migrating to this advanced and beneficial technology.”

Recently I read an article regarding MySpace.com being banned in a University (it is also mentioned in the first article link) and whether this could lead to VoIP being banned as well. I find it interesting that VoIP in universities seems to be coming up more and more recently.

  • VoIP You
    April 27, 2006 at 1:04 pm

    Daily VoIP Links for 2006-04-27

    [Daily Post from my people] VoIP You: The Future of Net Neutrality "Things are beginning to come to a head in the debate over net neutrality. This week will see the topic take center stage in multiple corridors of Congress….

  • Bradley
    April 14, 2010 at 8:46 am

    Earn while you learn
    Individuals, as well as employers, need to be concerned about their future. If they are not more productive than those in off shore locations, they will see their jobs off shored. It will not going be easy for adults given that young people are growing up with “crib side PC”. In addition, adults will have to be as good as or better than the kids off shore. What needs to be leveraged are the advantages provided by experience, cultural understanding and communication in tandem with contextually appropriate new skills…………
    education connection

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