Extreme Cloud Networking Solution Now Available on All Major Cloud Providers

There are many reasons why companies want to work with numerous cloud vendors… They may have acquired companies which do not use the same primary cloud vendor, they may want to hedge their bets or they may see Amazon as a competitor and want to migrate to other providers as a result. Walmart expects its vendors to not use AWS; Zoom picked Oracle Cloud instead of Microsoft Azure because well, Teams.

The good news is ExtremeCloud IQ is fully operationalized to run on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. With today’s announcement, Extreme Networks solidifies its first-mover position by being the only cloud networking company concurrently operating ISO/IEC 27001 certified cloud management implementations across major public cloud platforms, as well as in private and on-premises clouds, providing customers with unprecedented flexibility and choice.

Extreme Network’s global footprint extends across 16 data centers on 5 continents, in 12 countries, allowing subscribers to choose according to geographical requirements. Over 1 million devices are under management in a cloud platform capable of continuous operation (zero-unplanned downtime).

In addition to public cloud options, ExtremeCloud IQ cloud independence extends to customer environments. ExtremeCloud IQ can be managed in a public cloud, private cloud, or on-premises. The solution is built with ML and AI to assist in collecting data to build, secure, and maintain agile and distributed networks, ExtremeCloud IQ is now on its 4th generation solution.

ExtremeCloud IQ Connect provides basic device management and is free with the purchase of any supported hardware platform. ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot builds on Connect features, offering advanced infrastructure management, reporting, and remediation tools, including ML and AI-driven insights and analytics. Pilot subscriptions are $150/year regardless of device under management, or public, private, or on-premises deployment method.

Starting July 1, all new ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot subscribers will have access to unlimited data for the lifetime of their subscriptions. Existing ExtremeCloud IQ subscribers will be upgraded to unlimited data in this calendar year. To support compliance requirements such as GDPR, all ExtremeCloud IQ customers retain the ability to delete any of their data at any time as part of their subscription.

While others have been talking it up, we have been quietly executing at delivering a cloud networking platform that solves for the long game. Designing, developing, and maintaining choice and flexibility natively is no easy task, but it is necessary to provide our customers with unmatched choice and flexibility to meet the ever-changing needs of their business.

Nabil Bukhari, Chief Product and Engineering Officer, Extreme Networks

We think this is great news as Extreme customers now have unprecedented flexibility in choosing any cloud vendor they like.

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