How YouTube Takes Consumer Time from TV

In the past I have discussed how TV disruption may happen more slowly than you think because of the tens of billions of dollars in affiliate fees changing hands. But this doesn’t mean there aren’t brilliant innovators out there using YouTube and other sites to become stars.

Consumer warning: Craziness, profanity and catchiness below

For example I was sent this Charlie Sheen Winning music video today and it is quite catchy. I found it playing “itself” in my head at lunch. Its a Songify This creation by the Gregory Brothers and a look at some of their top videos shows views in range of the many millions – about 60 million “season one” in fact.

So the challenge for TV is not only new methods of delivery but competition for the viewer’s time. You see, the ability for anyone with a great idea to become a massive star without showing up on TV is a real threat.

And this is why you see more and more network news broadcasts incorporating hot videos from the web – trying to leverage “pop culture.”

This further backs up my previous thesis that the TV end game has Google (YouTube) written all over it.

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