Packet8 MobileTalk Goes Free

Packet8 has done a good thing today by allowing charter subscribers to their MobileTalk service free access. In other words, there are no longer fees associated with signing up to use this service which allows you to seamlessly connect your long distance calls over their VoIP network. You still pay per-minute charges depending on the country you call.

These rates are ridiculously low by the way. A call to Paris is 3 cents per minute. Most calls to France mobile numbers will cost 15 cents. Calls to most of India will cost 5.9 cents per minute… Including mobile numbers.

I imagine the company’s positive experience handing out free trial cards at CES and ITEXPO had something to do with this decision.

As you probably recall, I have had great experience using this service and eliminating fees that could be a barrier to people trialing the software and service makes a great deal of sense.

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